Recycled PET bottles

Does the telling count or is the count telling?

While others are still talking about it, we’ve already put so many 100% recycled PET bottles* to use:

* from the Werner & Mertz Recyclate Initiative


That is world record in 100% recycling



We for Recyclates


Genuine recycling can work if we put packaging from the Yellow Bag into a closed technical cycle. That's the approach used by the Frosch Recyclate Initiative. Anyone who wants to contribute knowledge or experience is invited to join in. Together we are working on innovative solutions for an effective material cycle based on resource conservation and sustainable product design. By making the design more sustainable, we produce less waste, prevent environmental pollution and do more to ensure a sustainable future.


Recycling first - Recyclate-Initiative



What is the
Recyclate Initiative?

The Recyclate Initiative is a cooperative effort involving partners from different industries who strongly encourage effective recycling. The shared goal is to develop sustainable material cycles which will use recyclable materials from the Yellow Bag.

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What is recycling

Recycling is the process by which waste is reused. Waste is turned into secondary raw materials that can be used to manufacture new products. In many cases the quality of the material is lost in the recycling process, but it does not have to be that way!

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At the World Economic Forum in Davos in early 2016 the Ellen MacArthur Foundation called attention to the global issue of plastic waste in the oceans. The Recyclate Initiative is developing concrete approaches to make sure plastic does not into waterways.

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The Recyclate Initiative works toward greater sustainability in waste management and genuine plastic recycling from the Yellow Bag collection system. It adheres to a closed loop principle in which production of plastic packaging forgoes the use of crude oil. Plastic from the Yellow Bag is processed into such high quality material that it can serve as the basis of packaging for foodstuffs.

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The Recyclate Initiative has received the ECR Award, German Packaging Award and the Federal Ecodesign Award. Industry affiliates and consumers have praised the partners' efforts in upcycling household PET waste in a unique value chain.

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In a follow-up to its sensational success with plastic bottles made of 100 percent recycled PET, 20 percent of which came from the Yellow Bag, Werner & Mertz GmbH is now concentrating on making packaging of PE (polyethylene).

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Today it's hard to imagine households and industries without plastic, from food packaging and toys to high-tech machines. Plastic is made from petroleum, which is an expensive and limited resource. Recycling is therefore becoming even more important. A valuable source of recyclable material is the Yellow Bag collection system.

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